Tank Rider is a 2D endless shoot 'em up game with a nostalgic, retro look.

Dive into the enemies line and blast your way through an endless desert full of hazards!

NOTE: Right now this game is in OPEN BETA! It may have bugs and progress might not be carried to the stable release.

It's available to everyone with an Android 5.0 (or more recent) device or with a computer and (fairly recent) internet browser that supports WebGL.

If Google Play it's not avaiable in you country, you can download the .apk it from indieDB.

If you want to play it from a computer you can play it directly in your browser on simmer.io.

As the online leaderboards rely on Google Play Services, right they are not available in any version other than the google play store one, but we are working on a unified, multiplatform leaderboard system.